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2015-2016 Fellows

Todd Keniry
Major: Environmental Engineering

I came to Logan from La Grande, Oregon where I have spent nearly my entire life. Growing up I spent all of my free time outside running, mountain biking, skiing, and hiking. While I am at Utah State I intend to earn my Bachelors of Science in Environmental Engineering which I am fascinated by, because of its often indirect and complex connections with so much of societyís infrastructure. Through the Bear River Fellowship I hope to gain a new perspective on research, water, and the uses of both.


Dahlia Curiel
Major: Biochemistry

Welcome, fellow human, to a preview of my ordinary life. I am the offspring of two immigrants who originated in Mexico. Like numerous parents, they had hopes to provide their children with an opportunity to further their education past their own. This is how I, Dahlia Curiel, came to being reared in the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City. Eighteen years later, I pursued to expand my comfort zone by relocating to Logan. Fluent in Spanish and English, I was able to pick up French at ease. And although I am not quite fluent, I am working to one day become so. I am fascinated by French culture and hope to put my three years of French to good use some day. My spare time, I spend expanding my vocal range, improving my choreography, and articulating my emotions through words. I do prefer a city setting rather than camping alongside a river; however my desire for knowledge motivates me to do what it takes. I possess an occupied, creative and curious mind; which only feeds my devotion for science, the main reason I joined the Bear River fellows. As predicted the trip altered my life; I not only became aware of my surrounding world, but also gained acknowledgement on what I am capable of accomplishing.


Kellie Ann Shawn
Major: Chemistry

Hey there! My name is Kellie Ann Shawn and I am a born and raised proud Michigander. The Mitten State (especially the fatty part of the thumb-Ann Arbor) will always be my home, but I do love Utahís mountains. Iíve been figure skating since I was three years old, and have accomplished many life-goals with this sport, such as winning the World Championships twice and going to the National Championships four times. Although the ice is my home away from home, I LOVE everything outdoorsy and country. Fishing, hunting, shooting, hiking, muddingóyou name it, I more than likely love it! Iím a Chemistry major, and I really hope to pursue forensic psychology in my later years. This Bear River Fellowship opened my eyes to whatís really going on in Logan, and itís giving me such a great opportunity to help others that I will always be grateful for. Itís also giving me an awesome head start on my undergrad research, which is pretty cool, too.


Todd Brown

My name is Todd Brown. I was born in Okinawa, Japan. When I was three, I moved to Utah. I was raised in a farming community thirty minutes west of Ogden called Hooper. I worked on a farm for four years and loved it. After graduating from high school I spent two years in Japan and came to love the Japanese people and the culture in Japan. I enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, meeting new people, and Japan. I am studying Human Movement Science and want to eventually go to medical school after I get my degree. I have loved the Bear River Fellows program. I hope to continue to learn more about how we use the Bear River and how that affects and will affect the wild life and the humans surrounding it.


Dylan Anderson

My name is Dylan Anderson and I was born in Ogden, Utah. Since I was a kid, I have been actively involved in many varieties of recreation. From these many days, weekends, and extended trips that I have ventured upon, I have developed an innate passion for and desire to protect the natural resources that surround me. From my experiences in skiing high alpine slopes doused in powder snow to my backpacking adventures in the wildernesses of Montana, I have developed a sincere and transcending love for mountains and their high alpine environments. It is a truly humbling and esoteric feeling to be engulfed in the grandeur of the mountain yet feel no closer to home and no more comfortable. In recent years I have seen average decrease in snow pack and changes in snow fall patterns. I hope to explore the influence of climate change on snow pack in the Wasatch Mountains while I am at Utah State as an undergraduate researcher and to use this knowledge to understand the changing snow-water equivalent. This is all in an effort to help improve high-altitude river system ecology while creating and understanding the balance for municipal and agricultural water needs and that of the wilderness to help maintain its sustainability and promote rewilding in those areas.


Russell Babb (Returning Fellow)
Major: Aerospace Engineering

My name is Russell Babb. Iím a born and raised Utahan and I enjoy hiking and exploring nature. I recently came back from Alaska where I was on a two year volunteer service project. From a young age I have been experimented and doing science projects on just about anything I could get my hands on. I am studying Aerospace Engineering and enjoy studying anything science.


2013-2014 Fellows

Amberlee Burrows
Major: Wildlife Science

I am currently studying wildlife science at Utah State University. I love ice skating, sledding, hiking, reading, and going on road trips. I have lived in Reno Nevada for my entire life and graduated from the Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology in 2013. I love being a member of the Bear River Fellows Program because I have learned valuable research techniques and we always are having fun.


Leah Langdon
Major: Biological Engineering

My name is Leah Langdon, and I was born and raised in northern Idaho near forested hills and a beautiful lake. From that I have come to love spending time outdoors and being in nature which also helped me develop a fascination for the sciences. Besides being active and playing sports, I love to play the piano and spend time with my family even though they are several hundred miles away. I plan to graduate with my masters in Biological Engineering and from there get a good research career and get married. From this program, I hope to gain valuable research experience and also exposure to new and fascinating knowledge.


Jordan Floyd
Major: Physics and English

I am currently both an English and Physics major, and I am thoroughly enjoying all that each of my majorís entails. I was born and raised around Salt Lake City, Utah and spent most of my life playing baseball, football, and snowboarding. I am very excited to be a part of the Bear River Fellows Program as it is allowing me to gain experience in the research field, and get a taste of ideally what Iíll be doing with my future career.

Megan Gordon
Major: Watershed Sciences

My name is Megan Gordon. I am currently studying watershed science at Utah State. I enjoy hiking, biking, sailing, and reading. My family and I have been to Alaska, Hawaii, and French Polynesia on our 46-foot sailboat. I am from St. George, UT and I am the youngest of 8. I am really excited to participate in this program. I have really enjoyed taking measurements and learning more about the Bear River. I am looking forward to analyzing the data and seeing what we can learn from the data we have collected.


Taylor Dudunake
Major: Environmental Studies

I am a freshman here at Utah State University. I absolutely love it here. I am from Boise, Idaho. I enjoy spending as much time outside as possible. Skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking to name a few are my most favorite activities. I joined the Bear River Fellows because Iím interested in studying the way water moves across the beautiful Cache Valley! Overall, I am just a happy guy and excited for what the future holds!


Isaac Robertson
Major: Electrical Engineering

I am currently a freshman at Utah State University studying Electrical Engineering, with a double minor in Computer Science and Mathematics. I am passionate about learning, and wish I could minor in eight different subjects! I am from Bluffdale, Utah, and a true Utahan-crouton at heart. I am an avid long-distance runner, and love being in the outdoors regardless of what the weather is. I especially enjoy hiking and backpacking in the Uinta Mountains, or wherever adventure takes me.  After the year, I plan to leave on a two-year-long service project in which I will love and serve the people of wherever I am. So far the Bear River Fellows program has been an awesome experience, and I look forward to what the rest of the year will hold!


2012-2013 Fellows

Liisa Piiparinen
Major: Environmental Engineering

My name is Liisa Piiparinen.  I'm currently studying environmental engineering at Utah State. I enjoy hiking, biking, writing, and going on adventures.  My favorite place in the entire world is Evanston, Wyoming where I have lived for 18 years.  I love the mountains and all the wildlife nearby.  I graduated from Evanston High School in 2012 after studying abroad for a year in Hamilton, Australia.  I'm the middle child of five and enjoy every minute of it.  Overall I'm just a happy girl who is excited to see what the future has in store.


Sarah Stander
Major: Wildlife Biology

My name is Sarah Stander. I am a member of the Bear River Fellows. I am really excited that I am able to participate in this program, and it has helped me a lot. I have been able to go to the Bear River and take measurements, as well as canoe a lot. I am majoring in Wildlife Biology and minoring in GIS. I have created maps to help show everyone what we have done with this program. I am a Bear River Fellow and I love it!


Russell Babb
Major: Aerospace Engineering


Michael Adamson

Erika Tilman

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